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Can we upload our APKs to AWS S3? Sometimes some files need to be uploaded to S3 rather than Bitrise, which has a default step for public download and access.

For those who don’t know what the AWS S3 is, check it out here first, then go back and complete this post.

In this article, I will explain how to upload files (in my case APKs) to Amazon S3 and retrieve the external URL of these files using Bitrise. …

Last year’s Android 10 announcement came with many new features like Gesture navigation, Dark theme, Location control and more. If your apps haven’t yet been migrated to the newest version, go ahead and do it! There have also been many changes at the API level, so check this link before switching to Android 10.

Well, enough announcements about Android 10 since Android 11 Beta is already out. 🤭

IoT (Internet of Things) is gaining popularity these days and working with Wi-Fi on Android can be challenging. Using BLE Technology is almost the same thing. When you just think that there…

Vladimir Petrovski

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